D. Štrbac

Categorization Is Required At Origin

The email protocol treats all messages as equal, without any distinction between various types of messages such as notifications, one-time authorization codes, advertisements, newsletters, and personal letters.

Some email providers attempt to classify messages using machine learning algorithms, but this approach is like using a supercomputer to perform basic arithmetic. It not only strains the already resource-intensive email messaging process but also introduces a significant margin for error, leading to missed messages.

The absence of proper message classification at the source level makes it also challenging to store emails meaningfully. Users are left with the choice of either retaining all messages or investing countless hours in manually organizing their email.

There is room for improvement in this regard. The email protocol should require message authors to accurately categorize their messages. This would streamline email management and enhance the overall user experience. Authors who intentionally misclassify their emails could face consequences, as readers would be able to penalize such actions.