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Email Systems

Privacy « (Italiano, Српски)
Web obsoletes Email « (Italiano, Српски)
No strong sender identification assurances « (Italiano, Српски)
Email or privacy, pick One
Email features, not provider features
Address secrecy is protocol failure
Simpler email address format
Email needs address profiles
Categorization is required at origin
HTML is not for messaging
Unicode is not for email addresses
Email authentication is intuitive
Assymetry of privacy
Jurisdiction is not an email feature
Un/subscribe is an anti-pattern
Email is not instantaneous
Debunking email reliability
Deliverability is an invented word
False positives, whose fault?

Computer Science

Relational file systems (Italiano, Српски)


TOTP2 RFC (Italiano, Српски)


The Second Coming - A Manifesto, by David Gelernter
A history of e-mail: Collaboration, innovation and the birth of a system, by Dave Crocker
Private, Trackable URLs for Direct Document Delivery, US6,192,407B1
'I've Got Nothing to Hide' and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy, by Daniel J. Solove
Systems Software Research is Irrelevant, by Rob Pike
Internet Mail 2000, by D. J. Bernstein


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